ELF In Space

Our World, Our Space (part 2)

ELF in Space has brought together an international mix of scientists, astronauts, authors, poets, illustrators and many more. We hope that over the course of the past six months, we have helped.

Our World Our Space

Over the last six months we have heard from astronauts, scientists, authors, poets, illustrators and many more who have been inspired by what is beyond planet Earth. In this first part of our.

Reading in Space

Sit back and enjoy some stories from space from a selection of our favourite authors – be transported across the solar system, hear tales of astronaut training and look up into the sky.

Drawing with Rob

Rob Biddulph, award winning and best-selling children’s author and illustrator weaves his magic once again as he guides you step-by-step to create a space themed drawing of your own. We.

Question Time

What do astronauts do in their spare time in space? Can they have all their favourite foods in space? What does space actually smell like? What do they miss most about being on Earth? What are.

Experiments in Space

Astronauts have a very busy schedule during their time on board the ISS. They work to not only secure their immediate environment, but also to carry out experiments in space that seek to benefit.

Communication in Space

What does communication mean to us? Nowadays we have countless means of communication, both with the people on Earth and with those who live in the vast world of space. Hear from astronauts about.

Inventions in Space

What are the inventions that help you in daily life? There are so many examples! In microgravity in space, life becomes more challenging, so there are many helpful inventions that help astronauts.

Recycling in Space

Life on board the ISS is hugely challenging, made even more so by the lack of available living space. As such, as much air, water, packaging and equipment need to be reused and recycled. Let’s.

Hope for the Future

Nicole Stott, a retired NASA astronaut, is known as the ‘Artistic Astronaut’ thanks to her depictions of the world from space. As well as being an artist, Nicole is also an author.

From Pearls to Space

Not so long ago, the UAE was famed for its beautiful pearls. Pearl divers underwent such hardships and showed remarkable resilience and adaptation in the face of adversity. So too do astronauts..

Dinner in Space

Do you know what astronauts eat on board the ISS? We talk to the astronauts and find out which foods are allowed, which foods they miss and what special meals they take with them to remind them.

Becoming an Astronaut

Do you have what it takes to become an astronaut? Find out how astronauts train and the skills and characteristics required to become an astronaut. Now is your chance to ask Hazzaa and Sultan.

Exploring the Unknown

Renowned filmmaker Anthony Geffen takes us on a journey to the unknown… Watch as he explains the parallels between filming in deep oceans and space. Listen to his stories and learn more.

Navigation in Space

Our ancestors used the stars to guide them, and today in space, stars still play a very important role in navigation. We also take a closer look at satellites and deep space communication.  

The Environment from Space

Join Lucy Easthope as she explains how information from space helps us to see a clearer picture of the environmental situation on Earth, and how this helps her work in crisis management. We take.

Stories from Space

When you look up into the night sky, how do you feel?
Planets, stars, the moon and space have inspired so many authors for generations. This week we are going to let the astronauts take.

Poetry in Space

It’s time to celebrate World Poetry Day… in SPACE! Poetry has been a part of every culture since the dawn of time. It’s how people shared thoughts, feelings, and even stories.

Water in Space

One of the biggest challenges in space is not having enough water. This is also a challenge on Earth. We take a closer look at how water is used, recycled and conserved on board the ISS, and.

Exercise In Space

Follow our astronauts as they explain why exercise is so important in space, how and why it is different from Earth and the role that gravity and microgravity plays in the choice of exercise.