ELF In Space

From Pearls to Space

Not so long ago, the UAE was famed for its beautiful pearls. Pearl divers underwent such hardships and showed remarkable resilience and adaptation in the face of adversity. So too do astronauts. We delve deep into the trait of resilience and how this helps cross into the new frontier. Understand the special designs of a space suit that protects the astronauts and why each part is designed as it is.


The “Suwaidi Pearls” pearl farm is located in the small fishing village of Al Rams, which nestles at the bottom of the majestic Al Hajar mountain range in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE. Established in 2004 by Mr. Abdulla Rashed Al Suwaidi, the world’s first Arabian pearl farmer. For the first time in history, the region is now farming Arabian Pearls in the surrounding seas.

This historic development links the past to the future and is the defining journey from historic natural pearls to the pearls of the region today. Suwaidi Pearls had opened its doors to the public to share the unique cultural heritage of the pearling industry, explaining the historical evolution and inviting guests to see the underwater treasures of the natural lagoon.

Rich in biodiversity and an area of outstanding natural beauty, all around are the gifts of nature.
The area is a garden of paradise and a magical place that brings a serenity to the surrounding area.