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Episode 20

Over the past six months, we have all been on an incredible journey. We have met astronauts and authors, scientists and poets, as well as the opportunity to ask Sultan questions in space. Now, as we look to the future of space exploration and travel, let’s help Sultan back down to Earth and see how we can spread the message of his incredible journey to the world!

Episode 19

Throughout our journey with Sultan Al Neyadi, we have seen the comparisons between space and the oceans, come to understand the importance of international collaboration and learned how very special and beautiful our very own planet Earth is.

Enjoy creating your own version of Earth, explore international flags and then make a boat and explore the world!

Episode 18

You have heard stories from our little planet Earth, astronaut training and science led facts from our authors. Now it’s your turn. Create your own book or magazine online, illustrate your own space discoveries, meet some aliens and enjoy this week’s space puzzles!

Episode 17

We hope you enjoyed drawing with Rob and he has helped you to create your very own masterpiece!

Now, using the skills you have learnt, it’s your time to start practicing – have a go at a range of space inspired drawings and don’t forget to share your art with #ELFinSpace!

Episode 16

Wow that was a lot of information about life in space! Are you ready to be an astronaut? Enjoy dreaming and designing your day in space, see if you can recall all the things the astronauts told you about and challenge yourself to find the answers to even more questions about space.

Don’t forget, you can always send more questions via #ELFinSpace and Sultan might just pop up again to answer them!


One of the main reasons that astronauts go to space is to carry out experiments in the unique environment of micro gravity. It is important to be able to understand the effects of gravity on humans and plants and to help advance medical and technological advances.

Have a go at some experiments at home and think about how microgravity would change the outcome of experiments that you do on Earth.

Episode 14

Making sure there are clear lines of communication to the ISS is very important for the safety of the astronauts and to keep everyone informed of changing situations in space and on planet Earth.

Help Sultan get a message back to Earth, create your own communication systems and seek out key communication words in this challenge from space!

Episode 13

Inventions make our lives easier and more comfortable, but did you know that many of the inventions that we use on Earth were actually designed in or for life in space to help astronauts overcome challenges or as a result of their research and experiments?!

Put together your invention wishlist, use your imagination to invent something useful for astronauts and see how you might adapt something from Earth for use in space!

Episode 12

Recycling plays a very important role on board the ISS because nothing can be wasted due to very limited resources. On Earth we also need to protect our resources and work hard to stop further damage to our beautiful planet.

By recycling and reusing items, we help to reduce the amount of rubbish and waste. Explore ways that you can repurpose household items, create art from different materials and chart the lifecycle of items as they are reused.

Episode 11

Inspired by the beauty of planet Earth, retired astronaut Nicole Stott developed her artistic tendencies to become known as the Artistic Astronaut. She also believes that just as life in space requires a team effort and helping your crew mates, life on Earth should be the same.

Explore your artistic side in this week’s activities, think about what makes a team work, and what are the factors that make environments such as space and underwater inhospitable for humans.