ELF In Space

Sofia Faghihy

I am the author of Space Exploration: The New Renaissance, and a passionate student with a strong interest in engineering, space exploration, and astrophysics. As someone who has had a long-standing fascination with space, I have engaged in independent research and activities, including founding my school’s space society, completing courses in astrophysics and stellar evolution with the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, and building numerous drone and water rocket projects. In 2021, I won a silver medal in the International Astronomy and Astrophysics Competition. In 2022, I placed first in the International Mathematics Olympiad and third in the International Science Olympiad. I most recently placed first in the International Cyber Olympiad in 2023. I am currently a UAE International Ambassador for Artificial Intelligence, a National Ambassador of Scientific Research and Enrichment, and a UNICEF Youth Advocate. I aim to publish more books in the future and pursue a career in aerospace engineering!